Why Sell Your House to a Direct Buyer instead of a Regular Agent

There are many reasons that you might want to sell your house fast and with minimum hassle. Whether you are disposing of an unwanted real estate or you are facing foreclosure, you may want to sell your house quick. This still counts in case you are facing a divorce or you are moving to another city. Due to time limitations, a regular property agent might not be very helpful. This is where a direct home buyer can come in handy to make the process fast, effortless and stress-free. Direct house buyers can come in real handy when you need to sell fast. Check out the points below to differentiate between a regular real estate practitioner and a direct buyer.
The issue of fees and commissions is a prickly one and this is where the real estate agent reaps hugely. In most real estate deals, the agents usually get a commission of 6% on average though it may be higher depending on their reputation. This commission is paid from your own pocket as the seller. On the other hand, when you use a direct seller to dispose of your house, you won't have to part with a single cent in commission or fees.

In every house sale involving a real estate agent, the issue of cleanup of the property cannot be ignored. You will be expected to hire cleanup cleaning services provider to ensure that the property is in a spic and span state of cleanliness. This will waste valuable time in addition to the cleaning fees. If you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning up, why not choose a direct buyer? All the cleaning tasks will be upon the direct buyer.

In case you are selling your house through a real estate agent, the more maintained it is, the better deal you will get. So you have to critically examine the whole property for areas that need repairs. These repairs may cost you an arm and a leg which is sad in case you are selling the house due to financial problems. The great news is that when you use a direct property buyer, you won't have to worry about repair costs. The buyer will remove the responsibility of repairs off your shoulders and handle them. Read more here: https://www.superfastbuyers.com/.

Then there is the issue of closing the house. There are usually closing costs involved which on average range from 2%. With a real estate agent, this fee is mandatory for the deal to be closed. Using a direct buyer is great as they will cater for closing fees. You will have to wait for one to two months for the closing date if you use a real estate agent. When you use a direct buyer, you get to choose a closing date of your choice as per your convenience. These factors imply that you get a better deal if you use a super fast direct property buyer as compared to a regular property agent.

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